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First Double-Digit Run

January 1, 2008
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Let’s hope for my first of many! On my training calendar, today called for 9 miles. My last long run, December 22, was 8 miles. I set out feeling great–it was early and still dark. We had not, of course, as we are an early-to-bed family, awaited the new year by staying up, so at 6:15 I was out on the street, pointing my Garmin at the sky and waiting for it to find satellites. I meant to do a 5-mile loop and a 4-mile loop, stopping at my car in between to get water. I don’t run with music, since I can’t keep headphones in my ears to save my life (big earholes, I guess), so I was thinking while I ran that I was pretty close to that milestone that I’d read about, the double-digit run. Then I started thinking, why not? I decided I’d wait and see how I felt at the midpoint. I felt great at the midpoint and instead of doing the 4-mile loop, I repeated the 5-miler. I opened the new year, my friends, with that runner’s milestone: my first double-digit run. How do I feel? About six feet tall! I’m not sore, I feel fantastic! Thanks to Garmie, I also know that I did it in exactly 1:33:19, for an average 9:20 pace. I don’t think I’ll sustain that for the half-marathon, but I’m not disappointed in it at all!

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