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Miserable Run

March 17, 2008
I didn’t get my long slow run in Saturday b/c B was sick. I figured I would get up on Sunday, which is usually my rest day, and run 6 or 7, then go with B in the stroller and get in another 4 miles. But, with G out of the house that day, I stayed up way too late grading papers for the university. End result? Did not get up early. Also did not feel like pushing B to go for a run after he said, “I don’t want to run, Mommy.”So . . . no running during the day. B and I went out to lunch with our sweet neighbors. Dad and S were home from their trip when we got back, and after everyone greeted everyone, we all went to take naps. Still no running for me.

At about 5:30, G encouraged me to go out. We figured it would be cooler, and thanks to the time change, I’d still have plenty of light. So I got changed, put on my Garmin, and headed out the door. I thought of doing the 7-mile loop and decided against it; I chose to do the 5 1/2 loop and see how I felt–the plan was to add a 3 1/2 loop at the end of that to get 9 miles in.

Well, first of all, it wasn’t cool. It was still about 80 degrees. And I hadn’t really hydrated all day. What a painful run! I was glad I hadn’t opted for the long loop, and even the short loop that I had mapped out would end up feeling too tough–I cut it short. Not that I didn’t want to HTHU, but my muscles were absolutely screaming in pain. I felt better at the end of the run and might have tacked on another 2 miles or so had the first 4 not taken so long that the sun was starting to get low.

My splits for this horrid run: 9:47.81; 12:12.12, 12:50.53, 10:08.41. Ouch. I don’t know if I’ve ever run a 13-minute mile, much less on such a short run. Lots of walking in there, though.

Oh, well. Today is a new day! RunningAHEAD, the site where I log all my runs, allows you to join user groups according to your yearly goal mileage. They have a remote “pace bunny” that tells you how you’re doing keeping up with your goal. I’m ahead of the bunny for now, but can’t afford too many missed runs. I have a 2000km (1,243 mile) goal, which works out to about 24 miles per week.

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