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Thee Race 5K

March 22, 2008
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I thought I wouldn’t be able to run a race this month because our weekends were so packed with commitments, but in talking to a running friend at work (who also ran the A1A Half), G found out about this 5K  just north of us being run this weekend. It wasn’t very thoroughly advertised, but I found it when I Googled it.

I arrived about 45 minutes before gun time. Registration was quick and easy. They were out of small shirts, and the woman in front of me got the last medium. I was given a large but exchanged it for an extra large; I figured if I couldn’t wear it, then G might as well. It was a cute shirt!

After completing registration, I went out for a quick warm-up mile. I didn’t do this for my last 5K and I ended up being sorry, as it takes me a while to feel good when I run. When I got back I stretched and then it was time to line up and get instructions at the starting line. This race was much less high-tech than my last race: no chips, no starting gun. When we were told to go, we went, and I clicked my Garmin.

There were no street closures. We ran north on the sidewalk along A1A. It contained some slight inclines. It was crowded enough at the beginning; if you wanted to pass, you had to get off the sidewalk and onto the sand to do it. I felt like my pace was less than consistent. Plenty of people passed me in that early going, but I knew that I could not push more than a 9 or 8:30 mile. Sure enough, by mile 1, 1 1/2, I was passing a lot of those that were fast out of the gate. I was running easy, too. I ran past someone that sounded like she’d better sit down before she passed out.

Slowed down to encourage a young boy who was giving up. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Probably cost me a PR (personal record). With a half-mile to go I told him I had to go and went for it–probably kept a 7 minute pace, but it was too late–still missed my earlier best time and came in at 27:04. Still, with a small crowd, I got third best in my age group, but I was disappointed. Even competing sick, I should have had this race in the bag. With as much running as I’ve been doing since my first 5K, I could have set a PR.

Oh, well, lots more races ahead.

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