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Wet Run

April 1, 2008

Didn’t get up and run today. Just wasn’t up to it. Decided I would take B in the jogger and go after dropping S off at school today. They had a photographer there to do pictures, so we actually were a little late leaving campus. We had a couple of sun showers, so I took B’s jacket along. A friend had also given me a t-shirt that had shrunk and was too short for her now, so I threw that in so I could change into a dry shirt when B and I went to the park after our run. Got my Garmin going and set off for a six miler.

It was hot today. I figured at least 80 as I started out at 9, which set me up for a pretty slow run. Stopped for water, which I never do on such a short run. At the three-mile mark, B and I turned to face west and as I looked south for the first time I saw ominous black clouds. I thought, “where did this come from?” I knew we were in for it.

Sure enough, before another mile, the wind picked up, that cold wind you get before a rain. A few minutes later, the sky opened up, not a sun shower now, but cold, bitter buckets of water just pouring down. Poor B! I put his jacket on, covered his legs with my new shirt, and turned the stroller so at least the rain wouldn’t be headed right into his face. I’ll tell you, jogging strollers are not meant to be pulled. The kid was a trouper and did not complain a bit, but I felt terrible, and am still praying earnestly that this does not aggravate his cold.

How does that happen? When we set out at nine it was beautiful–sunny and scorching hot. Thirty minutes later it was absolutely crazy out–the kind of summer rainstorm you can smell. Crazy. Thank God that because we had taken pictures at school, B had a dry shirt to change into, and he was a brave little boy and was okay with it. And I thank Him also that we were only two miles from the car and I just pushed it really hard and got back to the car as fast as I could.

Never, never trust the South Florida sky.

On a different note: finished March with 112 miles, second only to my intense half-marathon training month of January (124 mi).

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