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Orthopedist Report

April 28, 2008
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Appointment with the ortho went really well. He said he was looking at “really normal knees.” He told me I should continue to run while exercising common sense. Encouraged me to cut back for a while–from five days to four days, cross-training on day five. I can continue to wear a brace on one knee. If I feel like wearing a brace on both knees, that’s probably a good indication to take the day off. It was encouraging to hear that I’m doing most things right, like taking off both the day before and after the long run, and that twelve weeks was plenty of time to train for the half marathon, and that, describing my increase in mileage to date, he doesn’t believe I’m overtraining. He suggested some weight-bearing exercises to strengthen my legs in order to reduce the strain on the knees and did not discourage me from training for a winter marathon, though he thinks December or January are definitely more appropriate than October. Unfortunately (and this is shocking to my mate) I think my shoes are also done–they’ve got 260 miles on them and I think they’re a huge part of my knee pain and my newly-discovered shin splints.

My neurologist had suggested I consult with a rheumatologist since one of my bloodwork numbers was high–perhaps indicative of rheumatoid arthritis–this would have been a year ago. When I mentioned this to this doctor he volunteered to order some follow-up tests himself instead of sending me to yet another specialist. So, I had blood drawn today (as expected, an unduly painful and bruising experience since I am always told I’m a “hard stick”) to get a sedimentation rate, an ANA test, and an RA test (whatever those are). Pending those results, we’ll know whether I really need to follow up with a rheumatologist or not. Fingers still crossed!

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