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Good News/Bad News

May 27, 2008

So, here’s the good news: ran 10 miles on Saturday. Really! Had a wonderful, steady, let’s get ‘er done, HTFU, honest-to-goodness long run. Back to double digits. Felt good. Not the first three miles. Obviously. I hate the first three miles of every run. I believe I’ve said that before. But once I got into a rhythm, once I believed I was going to get through it, I felt good, and I didn’t even walk. Okay. You wanna know a secret? I caved. The picture probably gave it away already. I finally thought that maybe, just maybe, considering the seventy-five plus degree temps, it was time to consider some electrolyte-replacing type product out there. Time to start calling myself an endurance athlete. It’s a friggin’ 10-mile run. I was going to be out there for ninety minutes. That’s assuming a nine-minute pace, which was being generous.

So, I found said Sport Beans at Marshall’s and got me a box. It said to gobble a pack thirty minutes before your run and then one pack for every forty minutes you were out there. Not having tried them before, I figured I’d just take one for the entire run. I tucked them into the waistband of my shorts and I just munched on them every once in a while. Stopped and drank water with them when I could. You know, maybe it’s just placebo effect, but I’m convinced they got me through the run. I hadn’t run that far since March. Between the knee pain and the heat, it just hadn’t happened, so it was nice to do it again. And my pace wasn’t even that bad. My splits:
So you see that until the knee pain started showing up I was even on pace to run negative splits again–getting faster during the run. That’s how I know I’m finally running like my old self.

Also ran a Memorial Day 5k. Didn’t do great time–posted a 27:30 Garmin time–we didn’t run with chips so they have me at 27:36. But that makes sense–it’s about 30 seconds off PR pace. No surprises there. It was a nice course and we actually got cooler, drier weather than we could have expected. And get this–they had finisher’s medals! For a 5k!

Okay, now for the bad news. I thought I hydrated well before and after the race. In fact, driving south to meet G and the kids at the beach after my race all I could think about was how badly I had to tinkle. But then we were at the beach for another hour or so, and maybe I was in the sun too long. And I hadn’t eaten anything before the race or had my coffee, though I had a half a bagel and a banana post-race. Anyway, by the time we got home I felt terrible. I had a roast beef sandwich and a ton of water and Gatorade and lay down for a nap, but when I got up it was only to take my migraine attack meds because I could barely sit up. The next six hours were spent in silent semi-darkness. We were on a six-month countdown to try to lower my Topamax dosage, but now we’re starting that countdown afresh today.

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