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If I could record what I hear as I run . . .

June 5, 2008
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. . . you would hear, in order of appearance, during my one-hour run:

  • frogs (it’s either monster mating season or an Egyptian-scale plague)
  • cicadas
  • bluejays and mockingbirds (did you know that G and I took a birding class once?)
  • I don’t hear or see ducks anymore–they, being wiser than I, have apparently moved back North for the winter; so have some of our residents, leaving somewhat emptier our freeways, restaurants, and, sadly, our church’s budget, but God will provide. But I digress.
  • squirrels (I’m always afraid they’re going to dive-bomb me, but it hasn’t happened yet)
  • bunnies scampering in the underbrush as I pass (please let it be bunnies)
  • heavy machinery (because no matter what they tell you about the housing market crash, they’re still building in Florida)
  • the sweet sound of running water as I stop at the water fountains at mile 4 or so
  • cars
  • dog walkers and other runners saying hi (sometimes their ipods as they run by–hello! Don’t you want to hear a car behind you? But I digress again)
  • school buses (but not again until August–tomorrow is the last day of school in Palm Beach County)
  • my car alarm disarming–I’m coming home, baby!

Someone asked about my safety when I run in the early morning–and trust me, I’m not by far the earliest runner. But I am careful. I vary my routes some. I end up running the same variations of the same route–in other words, the same streets, but in different order. That way I know about how many miles I’m running. I have my Garmin, but this way I know about how far I have to go to get back to my car. Why don’t I run from home? Well, my neighbors happen to not be very careful about leashing their dogs. While dogs are mortal enemies to most runners, some of you will understand that one unhappy encounter with a canine would mean the end of this runner’s entire running career, so we’re trying to avoid that. My neighborhood also has a complete lack of (a) street lights, (b) sidewalks, (c) bike lanes. So, I choose to drive two miles to the much nicer and more expensive neighborhood near us, which has nice green areas surrounding it. It has (a) street lights, (b) sidewalks, and (c) bike lanes. Mostly I run on the sidewalks, but sometimes I take to the bike lanes, especially during spider season (you don’t wanna know). I generally encounter anywhere from 2 to 10 other runners during my time out, and though I don’t run with my cell phone, I run through a residential area and am never more than five minutes from help. I go out covered in prayer, but I play it safe, too. Thanks for asking, though.

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