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Run for the Fallen

June 14, 2008

“Run for the Fallen is a collective of runners whose mission is clear and simple: To run one mile for every American service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. On June 14, 2008, we run across America to raise awareness about the lives of those who fought, to activate their memories and keep their spirits alive, to support organizations that help wounded veterans and the families of those killed (Wounded Warrior Project, Yellow Ribbon Fund, HUGSS (Helping Unite Gold Star Survivors), and the 1st Lt. Michael J. Cleary Memorial Fund), and to aid the healing process for those Americans whose lives have been affected by the war. We refuse any political affiliation or agenda, but simply honor those who have fought, and those who have fallen under the American flag.”

You can join the team on one of their legs as they run from Fort Irwin, California, to Arlington National Cemetery. The first day’s run will be memorial marathon; after that, daily legs will average between 50 and 60 miles, with some runners running portions of those legs. Each mile on days 1 through 69 is run in memory of a soldier who has lost his life during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Day 70 is a rest day in Washington, DC. On Day 71 the team will run a 10k memorial run in remembrance of all soldiers killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

If you do not live on the course of the run, you can still join the team by running, wherever you are, on day 70, August 24, and celebrating and honoring the lives of our fallen soldiers. Plan a run in your community, run with your running club, your running partner, or alone. Contact the team to let them know you’ve joined the effort to honor our service men and women.

You can find out more about the run, and join the effort, at the website for Run for the Fallen. You can view a slide show for each day of the run with pictures for each soldier honored that day. Remember: one mile for each life lost. The team is also keeping a blog, telling the stories of the brave men and women who didn’t come home.

If you’re a runner, here’s great motivation to get out the door on a Sunday.

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