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The Long Run

June 14, 2008

Just a little something about my long run today. I first heard thunder when I was going over the bridge today–because if you want to do hill training in Florida, you head for a bridge. Now, a metal drawbridge is not really where you want to be in a thunderstorm. But I was already across it, so nothing to be done but turn around and come back over it. Two miles down.

Did the lightning-thunder count thing. Storm seemed to be moving away. I felt great, by the way; didn’t even hate the first three miles today. Until the rain started falling, gently at first, and I thought, “Okay, well, this is okay. It won’t be as hot.” Started falling more heavily, and I started playing with the idea of cutting the run short, from 12 to 10 miles. Then a flash of lightning followed immediately by a crack of thunder–that’s right, I’m now moving, apparently, faster than the storm. Good job, Vix. Turn around and head for home. Fast. Long run turns into a tempo run. Shoes and socks, soaked. Well, everything soaked. So now I’m also doing a little weight-bearing exercise. Not to mention some interesting hopping-thing when I run to try to avoid puddles.

Oh, it was an interesting run. Forcibly cut short–10 miles instead of 12–but I tacked on another 4 when I got home, out of sheer bull-headedness.

And get this, no knee pain. AT ALL.

So, hill training? Check. Bad-weather training? Check. Speed training? Check. Distance training? Check. HTFU points? Double check.

What a run!

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