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New Long Run Distance

July 5, 2008

I ran 15 miles today. For the first time. Went to bed late after a fantastic fourth, figured I’d make this a cutback week and do eight, then realized, hello, you had a cutback week two weeks ago, lazybones. I ran thirteen last week, so I should do twelve this week at least. Then I thought I’d been hankering to get my long runs up to at least fifteen–why not today? Wasn’t sure this was a great week for it. Like I said, I was up too late. I didn’t hydrate like I should have because we were at someone else’s house all day yesterday. But I had a banana before heading out and I had a bag of sport beans with me for added fuel, so I figured if I felt really bad I’d make the turn early.

Actually, I felt pretty good. I ran one mile on A1A early–and boy it was dark–to see if my friend Natalie showed up. When she didn’t, I did another four on the bridge for strength work. And boy, did I feel those four. Bridge work is a doozy. So by the time I hit A1A I had 5.5 miles on the old Forerunner and I knew my turnaround would be 9mi for the short 13 or 10mi if I was feeling strong. Well, I felt great–pretty fast, in fact, as I was keeping an under-10 min pace most of the time. I cracked open the beans at the turnaround and even though I thought about slowing down so I could finish, my legs just didn’t want to. I probably would have finished with a sub-10 average pace if I hadn’t run into another running bud from Saturday mornings on A1A. He’s probably my dad’s age, so we ran about an 11:30 pace together the last few miles. Without those, my only 10-minute pace miles would have been my bridge miles. It was nice to have a strong run on a week when my daily runs have been so weak.

So, new long run distance feels good. I’ll tell you, though, first time I’ve felt it on my legs all day. Doesn’t hurt, exactly. I’ve just really felt the legs all day. Feels good, though. Hey, rule #8: distance running is like cod liver oil: first it makes you feel awful, then it makes you feel better. Eighteen-miler just a few weeks away!

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