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July 28: 8 miles easy

July 28, 2008

Lost some training days last week to a slight muscle pull in my lower calf. The general idea is to run 8-6-8-6 during the week, with long runs on the weekend, while still following the speed guidelines from the training schedule generated for me by Runner’s World. I thought this would give me enough base mileage to support 15-mile long runs. However, after the way the calf felt last week, I decided to play it safe and bag Tuesday’s run. Also mostly bagged Wednesday’s, though I did go out with G and the double jogger for a slow 2.7-miler. Did run my 8 on Thursday, which felt good. Mused over maybe running on Friday but decided against it. Raced the 5k Saturday and took my normally scheduled rest day Sunday.

Today, calf feels good, as it has since Thursday’s run. Still Icy-Hotted it before setting out, just in case. Got decked out, drove out to my starting point. Made myself walk a bit to warm up, pointed Garmie at the sky, and set out. My prescribed easy pace is 10:40, which I’m no good at keeping–I usually aim for 10:30 or 10:20. I thought I was doing fairly well today, but maybe not. Got back to log my run and saw that only the first two miles were actually at that pace. The others were decidedly faster. My splits: 10:28, 10:29, 10:06, 10:05, 10:09, 9:53, 9:45, 9:31.

Tomorrow, a necessary rest day as G has to go into work crazy early. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem since I substituted a race for a long run this week and my last long run was only 10.5 miles. If I do a 12-miler this week on a 24-mile base week, it’s not going to hurt anything.

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