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August 6: Intervals & More

August 6, 2008

Intervals today: 1600 at 8:28, 4 reps. Not sure why I did 4. I guess I thought that’s what was on the training schedule. After only eight months of owning the 205, finally realized how to use it to run intervals. Really liked it.

Didn’t hit the target pace for the first two reps, but was pretty close: 8:38, 8:33, 8:29. I ran the last mile as fast but as controlled as I could since I’ve never actually clocked myself for the mile and came in at 7:57. I’ve got time to get better at the pacing.

On the good news front, new shoes are on their way to me since at 372 miles, the Brooks Adrenaline 7s I’m in might be on the way out. The knees are starting to talk and since I can’t peg it on increased mileage or anything else I think it might be the shoes. Seems the timing is about right. Well, few brick-and-mortars have 7s, and I didn’t like the 8s last time I tried them. Found a pair of 8.5s on Don’t like the color but I’m not looking at my shoes when I run, so I snagged them. For $50 and free shipping, didn’t even have to think about it, especially b/c at that price, I could also think about looking around for a second pair to rotate. Looked for and found a pair of Nike Structure Triax+ 11 in my size, 9D, at RunningWarehouse. Again, at just $80 and free UPS 2-Day Air, who has to think about it? Can you believe it? For $130, I’ll be in shoe rotation land!

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