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Four Days Off=One Sluggish Runner

August 27, 2008
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Had family in town visiting and my husband out of town, which resulted in missing four consecutive days of running.

Why is it that I feel great after one day off, but horrible after four days off? I think I’m doing the right thing, returning with slow six-milers instead of eight-milers and speedwork, but I still feel sluggish and off. The first run back was really tough. Today’s splits, entirely negative, reflects a run better than it actually felt. I pushed for that last mile, trying to train my body to push when it’s tired. I pictured that last mile in the half, pretending there’s 1:45 on the clock and I want to leave as many minutes on the clock as possible before 2:00 ticks off. Made that last mile at an 8:26 pace, not bad considering how absolutely tired I was.

Went to see the podiatrist about a bruised nail. I didn’t think it was bruised because it was plain white. I was afraid it was yuck. He kept flipping through my chart and I finally said, “I guess I should tell you I’ve lost about sixty pounds since I saw you last.” He finally admitted he thought his staff had given him the wrong chart. The last time I was in to see him for plantar fasciitis and he’d actually written “obesity” right on the chart. Funny, b/c at the time I weighed 155 and I actually topped out at 170 before going on WW.

He said my new issue is still related to flat arches. When I run, my foot flattens out to such a degree that my second toe curls to grasp the ground in compensation. My toe then gets banged against the floor, getting repeatedly bruised. To try to prevent more damage, I have to keep it super short. However, he’s repeating his recommendation for $375 custom orthotics. So, today, I’m placing a call to our insurance company to see how much of that they would cover. My orthopedist already said orthotics would probably help solve some of my knee issues, so it might be a good investment.

Tomorrow, another six, and this weekend, I’ll get in 10. It’s time to get back on schedule.

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