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Priority #1: Control the Migraines

September 1, 2008

Shelved the scheduled six-miler today in favor of getting more than six hours of sleep. I happen to know that one of my sure-fire migraine triggers is lack of sleep, and since I had to take my attack meds twice last week (and could really have taken them again yesterday but didn’t because it was Sunday and I could sleep a lot instead), I realized I’d better try a non-pharmacological way to avoid yet another migraine attack.

Slept in.

My training schedule is up to something like 50 miles this week, which seems like a lot when I’m training for a sub-2 half in eleven weeks. I can do my tempo run tomorrow, then up my daily runs a little and still hit 42 or 44 for the week and feel good about myself–without a migraine. And hit 1000 miles for the year, incidentally.

Which might not stop me from doing 4 on the treadmill later, by the way.

Slept til about 6, which was eight hours of sleep.

So, part of my new training routine: get enough friggin’ sleep!

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