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My Favorite Run, In Pictures

September 4, 2008

For my daily runs I run in an area close to our neighborhood that has the perfect combination of what I need. It surrounds an area that has been declared a preserve, so the green area prevents excessive pollution and provides additional distraction–owls, raccoons, bunnies. However, because it is still located within suburbia, my running path still has sidewalks and bike paths, street lights, and the requisite amount of traffic and homes to make me, a lone female pre-dawn runner, feel safe. Yes, I should go out with my camera sometime and take pictures.

For the purposes of today’s TIART, I will post about my long run route: the stretch of A1A I get to run most Saturday mornings. It is a lovely stretch of highway running alongside the beach. I get to see some of it on my return home, as most of it is far too dark to see as I head out.  An extremely convenient part of this route, aside from its natural beauty, is the ready availability of water: fountains are available every mile or less. And like my daily route, I can choose to run on the sidewalk or the bike path, since early on Saturdays A1A almost always has more foot traffic than car traffic.

Yes, I live in paradise.

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