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September 15, 2008

Ran through a field of minute frogs today. Seriously, they were everywhere for the first two miles of my seven-miler. They were hopping all around me, these quarter-inch specimen that must have just crawled out of the canals and lakes in the green areas that surround the housing development I run around. It was like round two of the Biblical plague–albeit more appropriate for a plague set in Madurodam. I kept having to run in zigzags to avoid stepping on them. Bizarre.

Then, at mile three, we lost the frogs, only to begin sightings of that other lovely creature, the never-evolved opossum. First one had the decency to notice me and amble on in the opposite direction; second one stood still; third one, close to mile four, looked at me and took a step toward me: “You wanna a piece o’ me?” Uh, no, I don’t. One day I’ll ask the Creator, Do these creatures have a purpose, other than making the bunny at mile six look even cuter by comparison?

Run today proves once again that my Florida-boy beloved knows what he’s talking about and I should not have bragged about running through June, July, and August. The summer in Florida is contained in one word: September. Never before have I been so tempted to bag this thing I call training. Right now, I hate it. I’m supposed to run five tempo miles tomorrow and I can barely stand the thought.

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