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September 25, 2008

Meant to go for a run with Gwynne, my most experienced running friend, on Tuesday. She had a 10-miler on her schedule (she’s training for New York), and I had intervals on mine. She’s faster than I am, so I figured I’d run my six as tempos, she’d tack on another four after dropping me off, and I’d do my intervals next week.

Alas, it was not to be. It was thunder that greeted me when I went to put my running clothes on, so we texted each other cancellation notices and that was that. She got her 10 in later; I, having a kid who no longer naps, was not so lucky.

Yesterday’s run was supposed to be an easy 6; but I thought instead, I’d better make up for the missed speedwork. When you have a time goal for your next race, speedwork might be important. And, since the tempo was out, might as well do the suggested mile repeats. On Gwynne’s suggestion, I kept to the mile intervals posted on my schedule, but cut the recovery intervals to a quarter-mile instead of the 800 meters; as for pace, I just really wanted to run them as fast as I could while staying in control of my pace and form. I knew, because Ben and I had Bible study, that doing 5 repeats was out of the question; I set out for 4.

What a run! Just to give you a place for comparison, the last time I did this workout, on August 6, I did three repeats instead of 4, with a half-mile recovery. My interavls were 8:33, 8:29, and 7:57.

My splits yesterday: 8:13, 8:11, 8:03, 7:32. That’s right. At the end of the workout, without even glancing at Garmie once, focusing on nothing but form and control, I ran a 7:32 mile. With shorter recoveries.

Yup, that’s a death march to some of you, but that’s a blazing fast mile for me. The fastest I’ve ever run.

Do you know what McMillan predicts you’ll run in the half if you run a 7:32 mile race? A 2:00:38. Now I ran a 7:32 at the end of an intervals session, so I have to believe I could run faster than that in a true mile race. Giving me another glimmer of hope that my sub-2 time will happen. If I have a good day.

Boy, this runner needs a lot of confirmation, doesn’t she?

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  1. Maurice Valmont permalink
    September 30, 2008 12:46 pm

    Good job on the 7:32 mile; keep up the good work! You better believe you’ll run a sub-2:00 at the Palm Beach half this year! (ARE you running the Palm Beach half this year?)

    Run like an animal! 🙂


  2. the Zookeeper permalink
    September 30, 2008 1:43 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement–I don’t quite have ’til December to train. I’m running the 13.1 in Fort Lauderdale on November 16. I’m keeping the Palm Beach date as a re-try option, though . . .


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