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Recipe for Recovery

September 28, 2008

Got my run in with Gwynne after all. She was running another 20-miler today, and I had 15 on the schedule. She runs her long runs at a 9:30-10-minute pace, which actually is pretty close to my pace, since I run my long runs too friggin’ fast. So we agreed to meet at the local donut shop, which is such a great place for the local runners to start their organized long runs (it’s actually next door to the running goods store) on Saturday morning.

One of the things I’ve always loved about running with Gwynne is that since she’s been running so much longer, she always introduces me to new routes. This time we went south on A1A first, running through Juno Beach and hitting some delightfully cold water fountains. Then we came back north, running up A1A through Jupiter, past Carlin Park, and around the inlet twice before returning southward. When we got back to our starting point, I had 15.35 on the old 205. We split up; I finished up the 16 and she rounded off her 20.

I was tired at the end of that run. I had to pass some runners who were walking off their run at the end and I could tell, as I was at the tail end, that I would probably finish the 16 exactly as I passed them. Sure enough, that’s when Garmie trilled. I didn’t care; I was beat. I said, “Ah, sweet sound of the 16, don’t mind if I stop right HERE.” I stopped for a second, then started a slow jog. The woman said, sweetly, I thought, “You’re running strong at the end of 16.”

Ah, dear lady.

I think for that length of run, for the conditions, I probably needed more than one pack of sport beans, and probably needed to get into them earlier than mile 8. Gwynne let me have two of her Hammer Gels, so I’ll try those on my longer runs too; I think the Beans will be practical for the half but for the 26.2 the gels may be better.

So, at the end of the run I’m tired and thinking migraine. Here’s the recipe for recovery that avoided the latter.

  1. Got home, shucked the shoes and got into an ice bath immediately after getting the requisite “You stink!” greeting from the LO’s. Didn’t even get undressed–just threw ice in the tub with some cold water, just deep enough for my legs, gritted my teeth, and got in there. I knew my calves and knees needed it, since they’d been twingy since Thursday and the speedy long mileage had probably not helped.
  2. After the ice bath, with the kids at the park w/Dad, I wrapped lower self in a towel and made myself swallow some juice and peanut butter toast while I watched the first half of an old NCIS. It wasn’t easy–I didn’t feel hungry–but I knew the body needed fuel.
  3. Halfway into the mystery of who killed the sailor, I finally got into one of my really beloved long hot showers. Sauna’d that bathroom right up.
  4. Once dressed, back in the kitchen for a “proper” breakfast of eggs scrambled with corn tortillas (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it) with cottage cheese on the side and my cream with coffee (I know what I’m saying).

No migraine.

I’m still fueling better on the next long run.

Splits: mile 1-9:38

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