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When Life Gets in the Way

September 30, 2008


Went to the orthopedist several months ago, well before the summer 5k training season. Wanted to establish there was no serious knee injury and that, when the time came, I could increase my mileage to train for a half marathon and, if I chose, a 26.2.

He gave me some suggestions, including cutting back on speedwork and hill training for some time, and suggested that I train only four days a week for a few months. Eventually, as the discomfort disappeared, he said I could gradually add in all those components back into my training program, and be ready for a marathon, if I chose to run one, in January or February.

Fast forward to July. I’m writing out a training program for a half that has to have me running enough mileage by October that when I come out of my half marathon in November I’m halfway through a marathon training program, since my 26.2 race is in late February. I have to start upping the mileage before the 13.1. With that goal in mind, I decided to go add the fifth day in August. That went well, so I followed the plan and planned to add a sixth day in September by putting in an easy four the day before the long run, a decision made partly on the advice of more experienced runners and partly based on family logistics.

Well, guess what? I’ve yet to get in a week of six days running. Either someone in the house is sick, which makes it near impossible to go out at 5am for a ninety-minute run, or else a hurricane is blowing by, or it’s raining cats and lightning dogs, or we have house guests, or some other life event keeps me from running. I’m trying to make good use of our treadmill, but I’m developing a true allergy to the device. It destroys my pace and I can’t tell you what it does to my calves.

So, last night, Little #2 slept with us. Fever, chills, stomach cramps, the whole bit. I’m not 100% myself, and neither is The Boss, as the Littles call my better half. Alas, I dragged myself onto that dreaded moving belt, and ground out six. Hated everyone of them, mind you. But I gotta get five days of running in. It’s October, and the excuses are gonna get hollow, or I’ll be standing at the starting line of a 26.2 race wishing I’d put a hell of a lot more miles in.

So help me, it’s gonna be five days this week.

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