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Failed 10k Simulation

October 1, 2008

Wednesdays are turning out to be good speedwork days. Right in the middle of the week, and I need to be fast anyway because Little #2 (henceforth Monkey) and I need to leave the house a little early. I did my great mile repeats last week. This week I had tempos on the schedule–6 miles @ 9:08, or half-mary goal pace.

I’ve been thinking about the worst race of my short running career–my one and only 10k, at which I posted a disgraceful 9:33 pace. Now, you can look at my PRs. I don’t have anything on my repertoire with a 9:33 pace. Oh, I’m sure I’ll do worse than that at 26.2, but even my half was faster than that. How could I run a mere 6.2 at that slovenly pace?

So you’ll see the 10k’s been on my mind.

Decided to warm up for a mile, then run a 10k simulation. Set ol’ Garmie to help me run 6.2 at a an 8:48 pace, about where McMillan puts my 10k pace based on my last 5k time.

I was doing great, too. First two miles came in at 8:53, 8:48. After that I zeroed in on my mantra word, control, and found my cruise control. Next mile, 8:35. It was about then that I started to realize, I might need to think about bagging this run. Started to remember a great article someone once pointed me to, except all of a sudden it didn’t seem so funny. Besides, I don’t run past any drainage tunnels, and the woods are not an option for this urban, admittedly princessy runner. Or do I need to remind you that the woods I happen to run past happen to be part of an animal-filled preserve? Methinks the ‘possums are unlikely to stock the quilted TP of my preference.

Mile 4, 8:41. An uncomfortable 8:41. I turn for home and realize I’m going to be short of the 6.2, but I don’t care. God has answered my prayer–I’m going to make it home without having an accident. So what if I didn’t run the 6.2? I’ve made my point. I can improve my time.

All that and not poop my pants. Good days.


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