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Back on Track . . . Let’s Hope

October 6, 2008

8 miles this morning in warmer temps than last week–76 and 90% humidity again–what happened to fall?

I was happy, though, to finally get back to the eight miles; I think it helped that I got to bed around 9 instead of 10:30. Pace wasn’t great; I still wonder if something isn’t up. If things don’t pick up in a week or so I’ll drag myself off to the doctor for the check-up I’ve been meaning to get and have some bloodwork drawn up; I’m due for it anyway to check on what the migraine meds are doing.

Off on Saturday and Sunday to visit family, so no running, though Sis and I walked the local Race for the Cure 5k. Nice event, well-attended, and incredibly well-supported. It was strange to see all the runners out and not be part of them, but fun to spend time with Sis.

Now, I guess I’m tapering for the Worldwide Half, which I’ll run this Saturday in my first true attempt at breaking two hours. Can I do it? Stay tuned!

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