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October 27, 2008

Went south to visit my parents in Central America and didn’t run for a week. Eight days, actually. It was raining torrentially down there, which made the track unusable, and if you think drivers north of the border are unfriendly to runners, well . . . don’t get me started.* At the tail end of the week I fell prey to whatever stomach virus the kids had been toting around. I lost pretty much all ability to consume solid food, since I couldn’t hold anything, and subsisted on watered-down orange Gatorade. I lost about five pounds, all told.

Here’s hoping all is not lost.

Got back late Saturday night to discover it was raining in the Sunshine State. We were not surprised, but were so delighted to be home we would have welcomed a deluge. Woke on Sunday to find the rains were a front moving through–first one of the season! It meant for the first time, I could run at nine-thirty in the morning and not fear heat stroke. So I did. Got in a lovely four-miler, probably rather faster than I should have, but it felt so good to be out in the open air. Garmie felt rather loose on the second hole, tight on the first, so I may have to look into the quick release kit for my 205.

Today, an easy six. The original schedule calls for intervals this week but as I only have probably two true weeks of training before taper I’ll probably call those off in favor of longish tempos. The legs have to remember half marathon goal pace, after all.

Race day is much closer than I would like, but legs feel undoubtedly fresh, and thank goodness the weather is delightfully cool. Forecast calls for mid-50s tomorrow and upper 40s by Wednesday, and my legs may be bare both days as I own no running tights. I’m sure legs will get warm enough running. Right?

*Just please let me tell you, generally speaking, it is a good thing to have little dashes painted on your roads so people get an idea how many cars it is generally accepted to have on the roads–which, incidentally, is not the same number as actually fit side by side. Also, it is a welcome relief to be driving in a place where we yield to other drivers based on something other than the volume of our car horns. And last, but definitely not least, many, many points to driving in any place where manhole covers are not stolen to be melted down. Lest you missed it, this poses endless risks to cars that may suddenly find themselves not moving forward as they have sunk in this new and unexpected hole, and to any cars that may be behind them, even if they were following at a reasonable distance.

(Lest this diatribe be construed as an attack against the land of my birth, please know I understand there are complex social/economic issues at work here. I lived there but briefly before moving away at age 5, and perhaps this allows me the freedom to think about it somewhat dispassionately. However, I do mourn for its people. They deserve to be better governed.)

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