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Cold Snap

October 29, 2008
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Disclaimer: Runners from cold-weather climates may go ahead and laugh.

Having celebrated my first year of running earlier this summer, I am now experiencing my first running of every season. I ran through my first Florida summer, a feat I was extremely proud of. As October rolls into November, I am beginning to train through what we dare call a fall. I was running at this time last year, but mostly on a treadmill. It’s likely that, on cold days, I stayed in bed on early mornings and chose to get my runs in while the little ones were napping.

Alas, that is no longer a choice–the Lamb, now proudly five, no longer naps. If I’m to get my run in, it’s to be predawn or nothing.

We set a new record low today–50 degrees (please refer to the disclaimer). I shimmied into my new knee pants, base-layer wicking tank, long-sleeve tech top, and cap (an ear-covering hat of some sort would have been better), and set out.

You know, it would not have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the 15 mph winds. It might have been comfortable and downright too warm, after the first mile. If it hadn’t been for the 15mph winds. I wished I had gloves for the first three miles; my hands felt like ice.

But . . . I got my run in. Five miles at race pace. Legs felt good, in cruise control. Though my breath positively hurt for that first half mile or so, I was glad I was out there. I’m a runner.

Runners run.

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