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October 30, 2008

When I was training for my first half marathon, I saw ducks on my long run training route. I would see them sleeping on the first loop of my fourteen-miler, floating in the water hazards on the golf course. On loop two, they’d be awake, chasing each other above and around the course.

As I started training for this race, in the blistering Florida summer, there were of course no ducks on any of my training courses.

But now, running in delightfully low temps, guess what? Ducks! Quacking (I can’t see them, since I run in the predawn) from the canals along my training route. I guess they don’t like the temperatures in more northern environs–my Connecticut sister says they had snow flurries there yesterday!–and they have returned to our warm Florida coast.


In training news, only seven today as the Boss had to go in to work early. He was very apologetic about asking me to return early but, as I told him, he gets paid to do what he does, and I don’t get paid to run. Yet. Though you’d think Nike would throw a few bucks my way, considering what I stepped out the door wearing today. Okay, some might argue no one could see it. See it, schmee it. Marketing, baby.

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