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That Would be Super!

October 31, 2008

As usual, I’m late to the Lounge’s TIART prompt, but I didn’t want to miss it because it’s such a good one.

“[The] theme is …. Choose Your Superpower. This week’s TIaRT theme comes from Runatthemouth. She suggested it would be fund to find out, ‘what superpower runners would have if they could? Sure, speed would be nice, but it seems like as a group we would get more creative than that. A shield to keep the rain out. The ability to stay warm or cool. I could see triathletes wanting to have Superman’s trick of instantly changing clothes in handy phone booth.’ ”

Actually, both of those superpowers would be neat. I’ve seen triathletes in transition areas, and Clark Kent definitely missed an income opportunity. And I’ve missed some definite brainstorms–Betsy‘s time-turning idea is brilliant for any mom, not just running-slash-marathoning moms.

Me? I’m going to need a few things.

  • Tendinitis-immune knees that would give me the ability to run up and down hills with impunity. I scoff at you, Blue Heron Bridge!
  • Some kind of scent that repels dogs. At the moment, it only repels my kin.
  • A built-in cooling system for the Florida summer. What scientists tell us is God’s design for our bodies, sweating, is proving inadequate in Florida’s heat and humidity.
  • And, finally, and also Florida-related, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to predict with accuracy which way a thunderstorm is moving. Until I moved here, I never knew it could actually be raining on one side of the street and not the other. With Weather Predicting Superpower, I’d know which side of the street the lightning would strike on, thus which side of the street part of town to herd the dogs to (I don’t really want them to get hurt. I don’t dislike dogs, I’m just afraid of them). And when to avoid the bridges.

Alas, God feels He has equipped me with what I need to run my race, even without superpowers or Time Turners.

Twelve tomorrow, hopefully without lightning, dogs, or knee pain.

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