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November 12, 2008
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Yes, it’s starting to creep in.

Ran my four today to the rhythm of clouding thoughts, even as winds laden with tiny raindrops played with my new tempo top from the Nike store, which I purchased with my birthday gift card.

My right calf is supremely sore. Seriously, maybe-it’s-injured sore. How the heck can I run a race on this? My leg might give out if I run faster than this pace, let alone race pace.

What do you mean, run thirteen miles at race pace? I’m running now at just under ten-minute miles and I hate it, and I wish it were over. How in tarnation do I think I’m going to run thirteen of these things ninety seconds per mile faster?

And come back and talk about marathon training? Twenty-six of them? At this pace? On these legs. Seriously. Come on, now.


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