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Final Speedwork

November 13, 2008

Today was my last speedwork session before race day: 6 miles total, with 4 miles run at 8:28. Now, my 5k PR is 26:15, so I know the prescribed pace is pretty close to my 5k pace, yet I’m being asked to run 4 miles at that pace. But, it’s been a while since I set that 5k PR–or came close to it. My last 5k was run on a very hot day in July, when I ran a 26:26. So let’s see what’s going on.

It was hot again today, and windy on the back miles, which I’m going to blame on my non-negative (would that be positive) splits instead of fatigue.

In spite of that, I did it. I ran the 4 miles at 8:21 pace. That means I could maybe run a 5k in 25:45 or 25:55. That’s amazing. For me.

In spite of that, the best part of today’s speed session was the discovery that I can run fast when I want, and that holding a fast pace, though it’s hard work, can feel smooth. I hit my cruise control today. Kept remembering Kara Goucher as her long hair sailed past her on her way through the boroughs. Thought of TK and her mantra of “Strong. Beautiful.” I will be so on Sunday. Oh, and fast.

And if I can hold 8:21, I can hold 8:45, no problem.

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