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Crunching Numbers

November 17, 2008

The nerd’s at it again.

  • First of all, from February to November, I shaved close to 12 minutes off my PR for this distance.
  • My pace for my last half was 9:20; this time it was 8:27. That means I took off a whopping 53 seconds per mile through my training this summer.
  • A funny one: my pace for my 5k PR is (drumroll, please): 8:27. Yeah, that’s right. (How ridiculous is that?)
  • Frighteningly, McMillan now predicts that I should be able to run the 3.1 at a 7:42 pace; that’s a sub-24 5k.
  • Insanely, the 10k prediction is just under sub-8 pace. Insane. That brings me in just under 50 minutes.
  • He also predicts a sub-4 marathon, though I have no intention of racing my first.

The funny thing about all these things is that I consistently under perform in all my short races and overperform in the long ones. Stupid, since I was trained as a sprinter. But, there you are.

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