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Gettin’ Turned Around

November 25, 2008
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Set out from home on Monday for an eight-mile run. I’d mapped it ahead of time using the wonderful mapping capabilities at–actually the course turned out to be an eight-and-a-half miler, and I was okay with that. Played around a little bit with the possibility of downloading it as a course to my 205, but I am not that computer savvy and it would have taken longer to figure how to do it than to run the eight miles, so I just paid a lot of attention to the route, taking the time to even write down every turn. It’s not like I was taking the notes on the run, but I’m a visual/verbal learner and writing down the turns was my way of transferring the map to my brain.

Got dressed. Temps were in the upper 50s, so shorts and long sleeve were the choice for the day, and set out. Paid attention to every turn, down to the mile markers, which I’d also noted on my map, and I was dead on. Well, until about mile 4 or so. I got to one turn and I knew I was off. Ah, man.

I wasn’t too far off from where I should be, so instead of bagging the course I got back on track and resumed my run. Listening to my 205’s trills I knew I was off by about a quarter mile. Well, I hate those quarter-mile things, so I rounded it off to a nine-mile run when I got back to my street.

Here’s the funny part. I get back in the house and tell the Boss that I know I’m home later than usual; I set out later than I should have, really, and I got a little turned around and ran an extra mile (though really that shouldn’t have mattered much because like a fool I actually ran those nine miles way too fast, at an 8:57 average pace). He says, “Don’t you have a Garmin?”

Well, yes, sweetheart. But all the Garmin does is tell me                                     x you are here

x you are supposed to be here.

It doesn’t actually beam me up, Scotty-style, and take me home when I get off-track. I still have to run, walk, or crawl home. So yes, it will tell me kindly that I’m lost, and what direction home is, and even how far it will have taken me to get there when I arrive, but no, it will not actually keep me from getting lost, though it will leave a breadcrumb trail that I could follow home in the woods.

Thanks, Garmie. Always a pal.

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