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November 27, 2008

I am thankful that I can run. With a husband diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it is all too real to me that not everyone can. And I am thankful that the Boss encourages me to run–that he gets the kids up and breakfasted as often as he does, that he supports the financial and time investment that it means to keep me in road racing. The woman he married was not an athlete, but became one, and he willingly supports her. I’m overwhelmingly thankful for that.

But it’s important to me as a Christ follower that I keep God central in my life, and running a peripheral part of it.

So, today, Thanksgiving, I took the day off from running. I take Sundays off and do not plan runs on Sundays, except major races, those I train for for a quarter of the year, when unavoidable.

I’m thankful for Christ. And for the season that celebrates His birth, His coming to redeem me. May you find in your Thanksgiving Day the time to truly thank God for everything He’s given you, both materially and spiritually.

He is good! All the time!

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