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Please say it’s not ITBS

December 29, 2008

I made the mistake of front-loading last week’s mileage, with the goal of being able to take it easy toward Christmas.

Felt funny Monday, not surprisingly so since I was coming off the fast pace of the 10k. But I was determined to get the miles in with the 20-miler on the schedule for Saturday, and to compound the problem, I slept in, so I felt pressured to put them in fast and get home. Result: 8 miles at an 8:56 pace, when I’m really supposed to train at closer to a 10-minute pace. The next day called for a 9-mile tempo run, and I just knew that wasn’t going to happen: the legs were tired, and I was starting to feel some pain in my left hammie. But I did want to get the miles in: that 20-miler loomed in my future.

Got 9 and a half in Tuesday, at least at a more moderate pace. Hammie still bothering me on Wednesday, but got in another 9. Still stacking the miles, you notice. Hammie still bothering me. 20 still looming, so no option of taking Christmas day off unless I want to run the day before the 20, and I don’t. I rise early for quiet time, do presents with the kids, and end up not setting out until 9:30, when the temps are well into the upper 70s. Thank goodness I only need to put in 4.

Take Friday off from running, and take about an hour to find out why my knee and hip are sore. Begin to fear it’s an ITBS injury. All the experts and non-experts agree: if it is, I am not to run on it. However, they also agree that if it is, I will be unable to run on it, so all is good.

I decide to set out on the long run on Saturday and quit the moment the pain sets in.

For the first time ever, I wear a knee brace on the long run. I decide on short loops near the car, just in case. I’m slow this time around–closer to 10-minute miles than ever before on a long run.

But the pain doesn’t come, though for the first time, tedium sets in around mile 16. I finish the 20 in 3:15. I’m disappointed with my time but thrilled that I finished the 20 pain-free.

Ice bath upon arrival at home. Lots more ice for thigh, knee, and hip that day and Sunday. Motrin before bed yesterday.

Maybe it’s ITBS and I just caught it really early?

Appointment with the running orthopedist tomorrow afternoon. I’m not taking a chance halfway through marathon training.

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