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2009 Goals

January 6, 2009
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Yes, I’m late to the party. Nevertheless, I figure it’s time I stated, as publicly as possible, some concrete goals for the new year, though I did state a few immediately after finishing the 13.1 Fort Lauderdale.

But, in concrete form, here they are.

  1. Finish my first marathon, and do so wisely–resist the urge to go out from the gun at the 9-minute pace the race predictors say I can run the 26.2 at. Run this distance, not race it.
  2. Set a half marathon PR. This will be a tough one since half marathons will not be scheduled until this winter in Florida and I probably will not be able to run one until October at the earliest. I’d love to break 1:45, but that’s a stretch goal.
  3. Set a 10k PR. There’s a great 10k run locally in March but I can’t plan to race this since I plan to really cut back on my training after the marathon, so I’ll wait a few months to race again. The time goal: 48 minutes, maybe?
  4. Set a 5k PR. My PR currently is at 23:38. It’s tough to race a good PR in the summer here because your pace falls off so much during the summer, but I’d like to give a run at shaving a couple of minutes off my time.
  5. Run 1500+ miles. This means keeping a 30 miles per week base. I’d also like to keep a 10-mile long run base. Most of all, do this while avoiding preventable injury and getting enough sleep.

According to Glover’s Competitive Runner’s Handbook, my current best race times are good for between a 600-615 rating on the comparison and predictor chart (page 289 if you’re looking at the book). I’m not sure how many minutes I can continue to shave off my PRs in the next few years, but I’d like to move up that chart.

Moving up to a 630 rating would mean bringing up my 5k to a 22:50, my 10k to a 47:29, and my HM to a 1:44. All of those times seem really difficult but if there’s one thing this season proved it’s that tough goals are reachable with tough training.


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