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Winter Arrives in Florida

January 20, 2009

Three waves of cold fronts have made landfall on our peninsula over the last ten days or so, progressively lowering the temperatures on our shores a little at a time.

Our daytime highs this month have actually hit the eighties. But, in the last few days, our highs have only reached the mid-sixties. Our lows have stayed in the fifties.

The coldest air by far arrives tonight. Our daytime highs over the next two days is predicted not to climb out of the fifties; the overnight lows are predicted to stay in the mid-thirties. The temps will gradually climb, and we’ll be back to lows in the forties and highs in the the low seventies by the weekend.

Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Some of you are packing your bags right now.

But to those of us that live here, especially, perhaps, those of us that get up early to run, we’re looking at those numbers and thinking, the mid-thirties? That’s freezing! Indeed, a freeze warning has been declared for the interior areas of the state.

I had plans to run with a friend this morning. When she heard a cold front was moving in she called and asked about the wisdom of running this morning. I told her today would still be warm; the front would be moving in during the day today. But she heard the wind howling overnight and texted me to cancel our run.

But I have a 20 on the schedule on Saturday. So I could run today, when the temps were in the low 60s with winds gusting 10 miles an hour, or wait until tomorrow and Thursday, when temps will be in the low 40s, and we have a 10% chance of precipitation. Hmmmmm.

I set out in the wind. It wasn’t the best run, by far. But I gotta get my miles in.

I do plan to run tomorrow and Thursday, by the way. I dug out my old sweat pants. I’m not sure they wick sweat very well but they’ll have to do. I have a big note on my mirror to remind me to find my gloves before I turn in for the night. I’m planning to wear my snug tank for a base layer, my snuggest-fitting long sleeve tech (or two), and a jacket. I don’t have a winter running cap, but I’ll find a way to cover my ears and head.

Hey, it’s going to be about 40 degrees when I set out. Runners all over the northeast run regularly in these conditions without inviting frostbite. How bad can it be?

Seriously, how bad can it be?

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  1. January 22, 2009 7:05 pm

    Sweat pants for 40°? Personally, but my wife will vouch for my insanity, I think 45°-52° is the perfect temperature range for running and anything 35°-65° is pretty comfortable. Saturday it was 5°F (picture on my blog). Now, granted, that is COLD but I was surprised at how “doable” it really was.

  2. the Zookeeper permalink*
    January 23, 2009 12:20 pm

    LOVED that picture on your blog! I can’t imagine running with frost on! Yikes! Yeah, my “sweat pants” were really closer to tights–not fleecy on the inside or anything. Isn’t it funny how sweating is the one thing you really shouldn’t do in “sweat pants?”

    Gotta tell you, I’m loving this cooler weather for running. I might have to go with 45-55 being the comfy range. Wish I didn’t get 80-90 four months out of the year here! Ah, well, can’t have flat courses and cool weather, huh? I wonder if we’ll run in Heaven?

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