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last week before taper

February 2, 2009

Blazed into February with a good recovery run; had 8 1/2 on the schedule but rounded up to 9 since I felt fairly well, though tired, and I know I’m dreaming of 23 on Saturday.

My pace was good, considering the fastish 12 miles on Saturday. Rain was in the forecast and I thought about staying in and putting the miles in on the dreadmill but decided to head out–a little bad weather training is good for the soul. In concession to the coming rain, though, I did decide to leave the ipod at home.

Had a sprinkle at about mile 1, but no further rain made itself known during the run. When I got home and was getting ready for my post-run stretches, the raindrops began in earnest, and I hastened inside to do my stretching on the yoga mat. Great timing, huh?

Finished January with 207 miles or so, and a feeling that part of my accomplishment will be reaching the beginning of taper. It’s like its own little event on the way to the larger goal of reaching the marathon finish line.

Interestingly, if I put in my 55 miles this week, it’ll add up to 262 miles–exactly ten times marathon distance, run since January 1st.

Here’s hoping there’s some kind of magic in that.

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