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Pre-Race Rest

April 10, 2009

Ran yesterday–eight miles in a restful 1:22, feeling nice and easy, but am resting today to prepare for tomorrow’s seven-mile race. By all accounts it’s a very small event–about a hundred runners in all, maybe a handful in my age group. Had I been running speedwork, I might even had placed.

My strategy for this race will be to start out with two 8:30 miles, maybe even 9’s, then hold place for the middle 3 miles. The last two miles will be the ones where I’ll try to pick off runners if I can, or use them as tow ropes if I must.

Though we had a cold front move through here in the middle of the week (it was in the 50s for the Lamb’s preschool Easter egg hunt!), the cool air is forecast to be mostly gone by Saturday, so hydrating will be important throughout the race. We’re also running the race inland, on a trail around Florida’s largest lake, so we’ll be exposed to some sun and heat.

I’m really looking forward to the race. Though I don’t expect to do spectacularly well, time-wise, I hear it’s a great race (one of the girls in my Bible study says her husband loves the event–he should; apparently he runs about 7-minute miles, the speedster). I don’t get to run trails often (which, come to think of it, will slow me down even more), and it’s always fun to run a new race, especially one that you get to look forward to running again. And I haven’t really raced since December (the marathon doesn’t count as a race), so it’ll be fun to get my speed out again, especially at something a little longer than a 5k.

And now for something not necessarily related–Little G, who I’m driving out to this race with, is a big fan of Hammer nutrition. Anyone out there have any experience with their stuff? Here’s the thing–I can’t pick it up locally so this stuff better be much better than any of the other stuff because it’s going to be a hassle to have to special-order it. My stomach doesn’t really have any issues with gels, etc–in fact I seem to be able to pretty much take anything off the shelf and do fine. But Little G says she credits the Hammer stuff for her Boston qualifier at the RnR San Antonio. So, if it really is that much better, I’ll switch; but if it’s just about the same, I’ll stick to Gu, Accelerade, etc.

Speaking of Little G, she deferred her Boston qualifier until April 2010, and she’s decided that we should run it together.

I’ve tried to tell her she’s insane. She’s been running for about eight years. I ran my first marathon in about the same time she ran her first, in 2004. I’d like you to note she qualified in the fall of 2008, in her fourth 26.2. And she needed a 3:50 to qualify. I need a 3:45. So . . . it’s not gonna happen for me this fall. At least, I’m not gonna kill myself to make it happen. I’m shooting for a 4:15 this fall or spring, which I think I could probably have done with more speed training and better weather at Gasparilla.

A 3:45? Not til a few years from now.

Though Little G sees my short-race PRs and interprets them to mean I’m faster than she is, I think they just reveal a great sprinter skill to do without oxygen for a short period of time–not necessarily something that’s useful for a marathoner. I have a lot of work to do before I can shave of 45 minutes off my 26.2-mile time.

And I’m still debating whether to race a half this fall, then extend the distance to 26.2 in the winter, like I did this year, or reverse it and do the 26.2 in the fall and then race the 13.1 in the winter.

In any event, Little G insists she’s racing me at Saturday’s 7-mile race.

On your marks, get set, go!

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  1. run4change permalink
    April 10, 2009 1:28 pm

    Dang. I need like a 3:10 for my boston marathon. Maybe 3:15 I can’t remember.

    I only use hammer nutrition stuff. It is good stuff and it does keep the energy levels pretty good as there are not simple sugars in it but complex carbs that are easily assimilated into the body. The only reason I started using it was for the ultra-marathons. I can do a marathon without eating just fine but I still use the hammer during a marathon. I personally love the GU for a marathon. It tastes better and the sugar and caffiene just give my such a mental boost, more than the hammer. But the hammer seems to give me a more steady stream of nutrition during the super long runs. I don’t eat much hammer gel but instead I use their Perpetuem drink as my calories for the ultra. I eat around 350 calories per hour. 260 from the perpetuem and 90 from 1 hammer gel.

    Any questions i would be happy to answer if you want. HAve a great day and good luck in your race.

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