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Not Feelin’ the Long Run

April 25, 2009


Started ramping up badly since last night–went to see a performance of The Princess and the Pea at the middle school my mother-in-law works at with her and the Lamb. It was done beautifully, but due to the time and the distance I didn’t get to bed till way too late, and then our lovely town decided to call at 3:30am to ask about someone we don’t know*. It was a little hard to get back to sleep after that, and when the alarm went off about an hour later I thought about staying in bed.

But I know how I like the long run, so I got up–slowly–and made peanut butter toast, and drove out to the beachfront road, where other like-minded folk were gathering for their Saturday runs. I pointed Garmie at the sky and . . . he flashed his “low battery” sign at me weakly before gasping dead.

So, now I’m running completely blind. I checked the time–5:55–and set out for two miles on the bridge over the intracoastal. I mused over what to do. The original plan called for 14 miles. Not having Garmie to mark my miles, I mapped out what I was fairly sure was a 14-mile course and settled on that.

But . . . it was windy today, and warm–72 as I set out. As I turned off the bridge and headed north, I was already reconsidering the 14. I’m not in training. How ’bout just 10?

So I decided to shave off the southern loop of my route, which was 4 miles, and make it a solid 10. That’s still 32 miles on the week, and though it’s not really a great long run, it still keeps me on the road for about two hours–I figured.

I had to run by feel, but that’s probably a good thing every once in a while. When I got back to the car I checked the clock, and I’d run the 10 in about 1:55. Well, when I mapped the course on RunningAHEAD when I got back, it turned out to be 11 miles. Good enough.

This time, I took an Accel gel at my northernmost turnaround, which, accounting for the bridge miles, was about the 8-mile mark. Felt much better fueled.


*Seriously. The Boss and I have lived in this small house since 2001. We’ve never changed our number. Neither of us have ever been married to anyone else. Even if someone gives you this number when you arrest him/pull him over/find him in the club past his curfew, could you check the number once before you call at 3:30 in the morning? I thought my father was dead.

Sorry, rant over.

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  1. April 25, 2009 3:42 pm

    So, my running partner and I weren’t the only ones who weren’t feeling the long run today? We set out to do 12.5 and settled on 10.25 — I actually did a total of 11.1dd. Summer made a freak, sudden appearance today — 67° at 5:15 and my thermometer’s showing 97.5° right now! Now, 67° is tolerable after one has a chance to acclimate but it was 48° on Thursday morning!

    I think it’s good to run by “feel”. My partner had his Garmin this morning and that was good because we wanted to keep it to an easier pace because of the heat. But, normally, I hit the chrono button when I start running and again when I stop and then check the time.

  2. run4change permalink
    April 25, 2009 7:16 pm

    I think it sounds like you did great. Somedays we just don’t have it or don’t want to have it. No harm in that. Especially because I know you will not do it all the time. keep on keeping on.

  3. the Ringmaster permalink*
    April 27, 2009 10:43 am

    Thanks for reaffirming I’m not the only one this happens to, and that it’s okay. And you know, my Garmin dying might have been the best thing for me–I tend to watch it much too much. Rookie mistake.

    And hey, of all the days not to “have it,” like you said, J, off-season is the right time.

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