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Cutback Week?

May 4, 2009

Yeah, didn’t get that run in Friday. Just a bad week last week all around. Ended up running only three days, about eight miles each time. So I got in 25 miles, which isn’t bad for a lousy 3 runs, but isn’t the 30 miles I just said was my weekly goal while not in training. And running 3 times a week is far from my ideal 5 weekly runs. I didn’t get a long run in due to travel, which I knew would happen . . . and so it goes.

On the upside, it was the third week following weeks of 34 and 33 miles respectively, and maybe a cutback week was in order. I took my running shoes (new Brooks Adrenalines!) and clothes with me on our short trip, hoping to run either on the roads (though on our drive in to the hotel I quickly realized that WAS NOT going to be a possibility) or on the hotel’s treadmill*. But that did not happen either–the Lamb started complaining of a scratchy throat on the first thirty minutes of the drive, and spent the entire weekend with a tissue box in her lap. The Boss played a charity golf tournament on Saturday morning. By late that afternoon he was registering a temperature of 101 and had body aches and an overall yucky feeling. By that evening he had an upset stomach and feared his record of 10 years without upchucking was greatly at risk.

We headed home early Sunday morning, Mom trying to hold everybody together–Monkey and she still healthy, Boss still refusing to surrender the reins to the family minivan (it’s “his job” to drive as long as he is able, says he). I didn’t much mourn the loss of my weekend run. Three days of rest, while not in training, are not the end of all things.

Returned to the road today, planning to put in an easy eight. But, on the turnaround for the 8, I just decided not to do it–my heart wasn’t in it. And the beautiful thing about not being in training is that I can do that, pull the plug on runs that just aren’t coming together. I turned the corner for the 6-mile loop instead. Now, at the 5½-mile mark, I did feel good, and instead of turning for home I added another couple miles, so I ended up with a total 7½ after all, though they were slow, but it felt good to be the boss of the run for once.

Ran with my handheld bottle again. It was 75 when I set out and yes, summer’s definitely on its way. The beetles were out again, and, as the sun started to come up, so were the jays, the cardinals, and those big black birds that inhabit our suburban streets. Even a bad run is a great way to start the day!

In other health news, at my insistence, and as a nod to the little kids in our house, the Boss went down to the health center in his building–one benefit to working for a very large company. He described his symptoms to the medical staff and asked whether he needed to be seen. We were concerned that the spike in temperature was an immune-system response, because of his MS. Their response? No, since he only registered a fever on Saturday, and his temperature had returned to normal and he’s been recovering steadily since then, they don’t need to examine him. However, in the future, he is to “proceed immediately to the nearest urgent care center and” (this is the funny, CYA part) “not enter the building until he has been seen by a doctor.”

Yikes, are we a little freaked by the whole pig thing? Well, I want to understand their position. In fact, as a nod to the swine flu and its inherent . . . um . . . sensibilities, I kept the Lamb home from school today. She feels better, but her nose is still runny.

MTA: Oh, and now, other parts of her body are . . . um . . . runny as well. Good thing she’s home after all.

*That best human gift of mine, the Boss, specifically chose the hotel based on the fact that it had a fitness center. Is he a prize?

**Found my bestest favoritest running shoes of all, the Nike Structure Triax 11, on sale at the Nike Outlet, while we were gone. They were only $60, too, which is a real bargain. Okay, so I’m supposed to wear 9 wides on my super duck feet, and these are not wides, but I think maybe I’ll be okay. The last time I was fitted for shoes the running shoes guy said he wasn’t sure why I was fitted into wide shoes and said he suspected I could run in regular shoes without ill effect. Well, we’re about to find out! Me loves these shoes!

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  1. run4change permalink
    May 4, 2009 12:27 pm

    Ok, I saw that you were the brooks adenaline. I was like, “hey, that is what I used to were. I wonder if she has tried the Nike structure.” I used brooks and now use the structure. I love the structure and if I can I buy two or three pairs at a times. I used to get really bad foot pain after an ultra with the adrenaline but with the structure I have none of it and they are lighter too.

  2. May 4, 2009 7:13 pm

    Funny, I’ve said the same thing when I’m not training — I’m not training and I can quit whenever I want. It’s actually freeing.

  3. the Ringmaster permalink*
    May 5, 2009 7:42 am

    You know, I don’t do that enough–free myself from the structure of “I have 8 miles to do today.” Stupid, when I’m specifically supposed to be doing that when I’m not in training. I actually thought today about taking an entire week off–on purpose. Shocking!

    J, how funny that we wear the same shoes. I LOVE THE NIKES. They’re so light, and they have the perfect balance of support and cushion for my pronating, archless feet. When I wear them on my shorter races, I feel like I can fly. I didn’t have a pair for the marathon, and I wondered if they’d support my feet enough. I’m glad to hear you say that you even prefer them for the ultras–I wore my Adrenalines for the marathon and I did have a little arch pain when I was finished. Nothing bad, just a little soreness. Maybe wearing the Structure it wouldn’t have been there at all? Funny, once I start looking for the shoe in just a 9, not a 9 wide, I will probably find it more readily available. Goodness, but I really like that shoe. I’d run in it exclusively, but I think my feet do better rotating two models. It’s probably just mental . . .

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