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Eaten on the Run

May 12, 2009

So, I set out today for speedwork. The goal was to run six reps of a half-mile at 5k pace, which at my PR is 7:30 or so, with ¼-mile recoveries. I knew running them consistently at anything close to 7:30 was going to be impossible right now, so I was shooting for anything close to 7:45.

On the recoveries, I had to stop and rub my legs–something was eating me during the run! I don’t know what–I never saw mosquitos. But my legs were certainly wet through with sweat, so maybe that was an attractor. Yuck!

My interval paces: 7:59, 7:48, 7:40, 7:27, 7:38, and 7:17–a 7:39 average. I’m disappointed about that next-to-last one since I prefer to run them progressively but on the course I ran them on, that one lap ends up with some really tight turns. It was actually very instructive, how running such tight turns really messes with your pace when you’re running at those speeds, at least for me.

Ran with my 10-ounce Fuel Belt Sprint bottle again, and it was dry by the halfway point–it was 75°, 75% humidity. Thankfully at that point I was running past the water fountains so I got a refill. Between the heat and the speed, I was very thirsty.

I didn’t get up and run yesterday. The small group of high school girls that I lead for our church has started to meet later–we don’t end now until 8, and since we live about a forty-five minute drive from church, I got to bed late. But I refused to give up the run, so after the Monkey went down for his afternoon nap, I got on the treadmill and put in a miserable five miles. I figured since this was my first dreadmill run of the season and I was probably not going to get in very many miles that I should make them worthwhile, so I set the incline as far as I could and got some hill training in.

This was probably a few hours before my evening yoga session, at which our instructor decided to work on opening up our hips and stretching and strengthening our legs–so yes, I’ve had some tough workouts stacked on my legs.

I haven’t shared about my Saturday long run. I started out with one mile going south, toward Natalie’s place, just in case she was out, but she wasn’t. Sad indeed. Turned toward the north, intending to put in five before turning for home, for a total of twelve on the day. I was very methodically stopping for water every other mile–it was a warm day, and the air was still. For the first time in about a month, there were boats on the water–more than I could count. At mile six, I didn’t see Natalie, but I did see my favorite Brooks skirt–Little G!

She agreed to keep me company for another mile and a half before we turned around, then returned me to my car. We went into Dunkin’ Donuts and had coffee and talked for about twenty minutes; then I gave her a ride back to her car. My pace went from 10:15 to 9:35 to 8:54. That girl flies!

My next race, the Memorial Day Run for the Pineapple 5K, is coming up. Dare I hope that my legs will have some speed in them by then?

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  1. run4change permalink
    May 13, 2009 8:58 am

    That is so cool that you just meet up with running friend while out on the road. I don’t even have running friends. I don’t know anybody who runs. I am a lone ranger out on the road. I like but don’t like it.

    I think it is awesome that you lead a group of highschool girls. Not only do you help them follow Jesus, but you set a great example regarding improving and taking care of your body/temple. How cool it would be to have a marathoner as your teacher.

  2. the Ringmaster permalink*
    May 13, 2009 3:21 pm

    I like to run on my own for the most part too, J, but it’s nice to have Natalie and Little G to keep me company once in a while.

    I’m really enjoying my girls–I’ve only been with them for a few weeks, but I’m hoping God will use our time together to bless all of us. They seem to find my running a little strange–who would run for an hour *before* dawn, just for fun? But they also see it as a part of all of me–the same woman who loves her husband, works hard at raising great kids, and loves the study of the Word of God, so I hope they’re discovering who THEY are, in the wholeness of who God made them. At their age, sometimes that’s tough to figure out, and like you said, I’m trying to encourage them to just keep their eyes on Jesus.

  3. run4change permalink
    May 13, 2009 3:28 pm

    You’re awesome ringmaster. God will make it good for you and those girls. It will be lasting, eternal good too. That is the best.

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