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Out of May and into Glorious June

June 2, 2009

May was my downfall month last year, during my first summer of running. It was tough to get accustomed to the heat and humidity,and I hit a tough patch of running. But by June, I felt like I was mostly back in stride, and by July, I was fully back in training mode, with a sub-2-hour finish in my sights at the 13.1 Ft Lauderdale in November.

Today was my first June run this year. I set out for an 8-miler later than I intended to, around 5:15 or so. I had my ipod and water, both strategies against a flagging resolve, the heat (the metereologist reported it was 75 as I set out), and the humidity–just knowing it was so humid when I ran on Saturday was making it hard to get out.

But, rule #1–getting out the door is sometimes the toughest part of the run. I laced up my new Nike Structures and set out.

Mile 1 was slow–about 11 minute pace–and I stopped at Garmie’s trill to take an ounce or so of water. Though the second mile’s pace was faster, I stopped for water again at the end. But after that, I seemed to work into some kind of pace, and I even wondered if I’m done carrying water. Granted, I’ll probably still plan my routes to hit water at the halfway point, but I think I can finally stop carrying that little 10-oz Sprint water bottle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good tool for those first summer weeks, but I’m tired of passing it from one hand to the other, and I’ll be glad to leave it at home if I can.

I did develop one problem during the run, which presented itself for the first time at about mile 4: I tried new arch supports, which I removed the sockliner to insert, and this made an inner seam in the shoe rub against my arch. Ouch! The result: two new sore spots that would be blisters if I ran in those shoes again tomorrow, or maybe even the next day. It’s one reason I recommend to new runners that they do rotate two pairs of shoes, and even two models of shoes if they can swing it. The next time I wear the Structures, not only will the sockliner go back in, but I’ll go back to my tried-and-true over-the-counter Dr. Scholl’s arch supports. If it ain’t broke . . .

In the end I was a little sore today, but I rubbed on some Icy Hot on the right leg before I set out, both calf and hamstring, and managed the 8½ in entirely running steps,  stopping for water at the end of miles 1, 2, and 5 (when I stopped to see if I could relieve the pressure on the arches). I’ve got 6 on the schedule tomorrow and I may try to do them without water, stopping at the water fountains at 3 or so.

Happy running.

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