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August 8, 2009

What do you do with yours?

I’ve run in few enough races that I’m still stubbornly hanging on to all my bibs–not just the PR, significan races but all of them. For a while they were on the back of our master bedroom door; then they moved to my desk. But eventually they got to be too many for that location, so I decided to make a virtual scrapbook of them and just stuff them in a drawer somewhere. After all, they’re just paper, right? I’ve got a few medals to display now.

Well, I missed them. So when the air went out and we got our new air handler, its clean and unadulterated surface gave me an idea. See, I get dressed quietly in the mornings, then go out to the garage and finish out there, putting on my shoes and letting Garmie find a signal while I lace up. So I DSCN7085taped up my bibs all over the side of the handler. Of course, the Boss’s first words when he got home from work that day were, “You’ve defaced my new air handler?” We’d had it for about 36 hours. But now my bibs are back out, and it’s kind of nice to have them where they can remind me that I’m lacing up my shoes for a purpose; even those races where I didn’t PR are important. Little G and I commented during our warm-up the other day that even for this race, where we did not expect to do particularly well–it’s brutally hot and our training has suffered as a result of both that and some additional stress we’re both under–we got that now-familiar butterflies in the stomach feeling of an oncoming race.

So I like to have the bibs there, standing over me as I lace my shoes.

DSCN7086As for my medals, they’re hanging on a bulletin board by the kitchen for now, as is a plate I got for my second-place age group finish in my very first race ever–as you can imagine, that means a lot to me. Some are just finisher’s medals, some are age group awards. I’m hoping to rack up a couple more of those really heavy medals that the bigger events are starting to give out. The bulletin board is anchored to the wall, so I’m not worried about it coming down, but I’m starting to run out of room.

What do you do with your memorabilia? Do you hold on to your bibs? How do you–or do you?–display your medals? Would you be willing to show us some pictures? (Yes, even if they’re piled in your sock drawer, I’m still interested.) I’m interested in your reasoning, too, if you would tell us about it–if you’ve given medals to Medals4Mettle (the organization that gives donated medals to people who’ve shown extraordinary courage), if you display them, if you chuck ’em under the bed when you get home.

Just picking other runners’ brains again–thanks in advance for giving me a peek at yours.

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  1. August 8, 2009 6:46 pm

    i definitely keep all my bibs! even the ones from races that got them from runnersworld – can’t tell them apart, they’re just some black/white/gray picture with a number on them. anyway, in theory i was going to put them on my coffee table once i get around to buying a piece of glass to put over the table. (got it at a thrift store and the glass piece to lay in the top was mia) the non-memorable bibs would just be in a drawer to said coffee table, probably eventually thrown out since i don’t know what race they are from. haven’t thought of what to do beyond that as i have more bibs than i do table space!

    medals… i dunno what i will do with those. currently they are just kind in a few different piles probably. for my marathons i had my bib, medal, a picture, etc framed professionally. the problem is i had them framed in these huge 3’x3.5′ (or bigger) frames so whenever i get around to actually hanging them i don’t know what wall will be big enough. (plus i will look like i have a major head hanging up these huge frames of my marathons!)

    i have seen a few people who had a bunch of their medals framed – maybe choose some of your favorite races/pr’s/etc and have those framed?

  2. the Ringmaster permalink*
    August 10, 2009 12:15 pm

    Thanks for your insights, Lindsay. I always write the race, date, and my time on the back of the bibs when I get home so I can tell which bib is from what race, since you’re right–otherwise they’d start getting pretty indistinguishable pretty quick. I like your idea of putting them under the coffee table glass. This would even work for a desk, you know, if I had a profession I had stayed in. I like the idea of framing stuff–I made a couple shadow boxes for my daughter when she was small and not only did I enjoy the process, I liked the finished product. Thanks for the idea.

  3. August 15, 2009 9:51 am

    Hey Sweetie! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Stopping by to see how you’re doing and how’s the trianing going.

    I love the bib display on the air handler! That’s ingenious! I showed it to my DH and he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about it as I was. LOL I haven’t saved many of my bibs. I usually just throw them out because I have pics of me in the bibs at the race.

    My medals are stuffed in my nightstand drawer. I had seen another runner blogger who had a pic of her medals hanging on a curtain which was attached to a bare wall. I thought that was great! Now maybe I should get around to doing that, huh? LOL

    I hadn’t heard about Medals 4 Mettle. What an amazing organization! Thanks for sharing the link! I’m going to pass that along. 🙂


  1. Medals 4 Mettle « Run DMT

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