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My Left Foot

August 25, 2009

. . . eats my sock.

I always suspected this, but it was confirmed on my long run Sunday, when I wore a pair of new Thorlo Experia socks. I had to stop at mile 8 or so to pull the sock back up, and I could have done it again before the end of the run. It’s funny because the right foot doesn’t do it–just the left foot. Theories?

The knee held up for the longer run remarkably well, especially considering that I forgot the knee brace. I started the run later than I should have. It was player evaluation day for the Lamb’s youth soccer league, and she needed to be at the fields, decked out in full regalia, at 8:30. Which meant I really needed to be back at the house by 7. So I should have started the run by 5.

I did not.

I set out for 12 miles at an easy pace and did remarkably well at keeping an easy pace during the early miles. I took a gel at mile 5 and started heading north. I knew time was going to be tight, but I really wanted to put in the 12 miles. My turnaround for that mileage would be the 8-mile mark. When I got there and looked at the clock, I knew I was going to be tight on time, so I started picking up the pace, from 10-minute miles to 9:30. Mile 9 came in at 9:10. I took another gel there and decided to bear down even more. I knew it might not be the wisest thing for my knee, but I’d left myself no choice–I had to get back to get Soccer Lamb to evaluations. The last three miles were run at about half-marathon pace–about 8:30.

Amazingly, the knee didn’t hurt at all. I ran an easy 4 on Sunday and it was my legs themselves that felt tired–just very, very tired. In spite of that, my pace for that run was right around 9:30.

The new socks get a thumbs-up, I think. I’ll try them again tomorrow and I’ll let you know if my Nikes do a better job of leaving my socks alone.

Anyone else have hungry shoes?

Running week summary:
Sunday: easy 4mi, about 10:15 pace–knee okay til water stop @ mile 1, then achy and iffy rest of way.
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: easy 7 with Little G, about 9:30 pace, wearing brace.
Wednesday, rest day.
Thursday: easy 7 avoiding rain @ about 9:16, celebrating pain-free knee.
Friday, rest day.
Saturday: 12 mi in 1:55.
total mileage: 30 miles in 4:47:31

*The Lamb made it to soccer evaluations, on time, with shin guards, soccer socks appropriately pulled all the way up, pink water bottle, and pink soccer ball. She then proceeded to weep and refuse to participate in the first drill. She’d warmed up by the time the second drill came around, though, and was very proud of herself for “scoring a goal” every time she faced the unguarded net in the fourth drill. She’ll be assigned to a team sometime this week and play in her first match in September–four on four under-six players, no goalies, no score. Raising athletes is quite a thrill.

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  1. run4change permalink
    August 26, 2009 9:32 am

    I have found that regardless of what is happening with socks, they make a huge impact on the feet. I never new this before but I have learned that they are just as important as shoes.

  2. August 28, 2009 3:50 am

    great job on the 12 miler and glad the knee held up! i probably would’ve cut the run short to ensure i had enough time to get ready – you have great dedication 🙂

    sometimes my feet/shoes eat my socks too. it seems to be random as it doesn’t do it everyday, but then one day it will do it the entire time and be super annoying.

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