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September 5, 2009

I set out just a few minutes after 5. Though I had Little G’s 305 on my wrist, I intended to stick to my mapped route–five miles in a southern loop, then go north for the rest of the miles.

There was lightning and thunder as I ran south, far away. It took a while to get into my rhythm. I was wearing Little G’s Nathan 5K pack, which I wore in my marathon, and it was refusing to stay put around my non-existent hips. It was a tough couple of first miles.

Eventually, though, I got into my groove, and the miles started to pass more easily. I was supposed to put in some three miles at my most northern point, but watching the sky and ever-flashing lightning made me thankful I had Little G’s Garmie; I decided to bag that portion of the course and head for home to put in the ending miles of the 16-miler closer to my car so I could bail if I needed to.

I didn’t need to. The storm stayed well to our south. Unfortunately, I wasn’t used to Little G’s 305 and it kept losing its signal on me–as I thought, I actually ran 17 miles instead of 16, but all is well. The run went very well, and I’m happy with my pacing and fueling.

Running week summary:
Sunday: easy 4 in 39:52, 9:58 overall,  78°, 91%
Monday: 3 on the treadmill in 29:46, 9:56 overall.
Tuesday: 7¼ miles in 1:04; 8:58 overall–5 mi in 8:32. 77°, 89%.
Wednesday: easy 8¼ in 1:15, 9:10 overall; 75°, 92%.
Thursday: easy 7½ in 1:11, 9:32 overall; 77°, 87%.
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: long 17 in 2:47, 9:51 overall; 75°, 89%.
total mileage: 47 miles in 7:28:50.

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  1. September 7, 2009 7:49 am

    wow great weekly mileage! and nice job on the long run too of course 🙂

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