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Running in Last Place

October 14, 2009

The reality is that, for me, this year has been an adjustment. The kids are young, and maybe I’ve taken on too much. Some of my friends tell me I have. But I live my life with the understanding that when God asks me to do something I should do it, and I felt absolutely called to take on the ministries that I’m involved in this year, so I feel no qualms in being wrapped up in them–only absolutely stunned at the amount of time they’re requiring from me.

I am finding it difficult to budget my time well enough to do everything that is required of me, and still get to bed by a reasonable hour. Because of this, my early-morning runs aren’t always happening. This means my training has been lacking of late. I’m going to try to move some things around. For example, yesterday I ran after the Lamb’s soccer practice. I’d like this to be my new Tuesday routine since I have to get up so early those days, though I could only get in four miles before the sky darkened and I suppose I’ll get in even fewer miles once winter sets in even further. I did then have to run again this morning, and it was tough on tired legs, but I knew it was also especially good marathon training.

I’m planning to race the half on November 15 (yes, Little G and I moved our target race). I’m still gunning for sub-1:50, though whether it materializes or not will just have to be seen on race day.

Beyond that, I’m still training as if I’m running my second marathon in February. But if my training doesn’t hold up, I’ll scale back and run another half at the A1A instead. This much I know for sure: when I greet my Redeemer in Heaven, He will not be interested in whether I qualified for Boston, but He will be keenly interested in whether I helped establish and build up His Kingdom, and that must be my ever-present priority. So as I budget my time, I’m trying to do it with a Kingdom-mindset. First, home and family. Second, ministry. Running comes in last place.

Yes, I’ve neglected my blog writing and my blog reading, and for that I apologize. This time-budget stuff is something He is still teaching me . . .

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  1. October 15, 2009 12:25 am

    Great reminder of where running fits into the grand scheme of things — our Redeemer is more interested in Kingdom growth than in running improvement. Thanks.

  2. October 17, 2009 7:47 am

    it is hard to keep up with so many things, i understand! there are definitely more important things than worrying about a blog post or run. hopefully you’ll still be able to find the time to get your runs in – whether you end up aiming for the feb full or half. of course, i think it’s good that you are getting in regular exercise alone!

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