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Low-Mileage Week

October 24, 2009

Didn’t burn the week in burning glory this time around.

I ran 18 last Saturday and was pretty sore afterward, so I stupidly abandoned the plan of an easy run the day after and didn’t run on Sunday.

We all heard what I did on Monday.

Meant to run with Little G on Tuesday but we’re still working out the finer points of meeting each other at the bridge–we ended up not running into each other until the last mile and a half of her run, which lifted my knees considerably on what was a painful day, which was great.

Ran 6 on Wednesday on my own, running fast to try to to get home before Bible Study.

Had plans to run 8 on Thursday with Little G. She wasn’t working and I had no real commitments, so we made plans to sleep in and not go out until 5:30. Well, I was up and working on my study when, at 5:25, it started to pour down rain. She pulled into my driveway, we made signs at each other to cancel the run, and she went home. I went back to the couch to keep studying. At 6, the rain had mostly stopped, so I pulled my visor down tight and went back out. I only had an hour at best until I had to get back home to get the Lamb out to school (thank goodness I’d made her lunch the day before), but at least I got in 6.

Took Friday off. Was still thinking of running the 5k today.

Then Little G called and suggested we run today and what can I say? A run with a friend won over a race.

We went out for a mid-length run, just 10, but with her, my runs are always at a good pace. The darkness slowed us down a tad at times, but I felt good about our pace and felt, in the end, that doing these faster-paced miles instead of the race was probably good tempo work for the race. At least I hope so–the 13.1 is now just three weeks out.

So, all told–

Sunday–big fat 0.
Monday–speedwork, 8 in 1:13; 8×800 m in 4:00, with 200 m recoveries, 1½ mi warmup and cooldown.
Tuesday–easy 6½ in 1:01, 9:29 avg
Wednesday–easy 6 in 59:21, 9:54 avg
Thursday–easy 6 in 57:26, 9:35 avg
Friday–scheduled work day
Saturday–mid-long 11 in 1:38, 8:59 avg
Weekly total–37.5

Happy with that. Next week, a tempo run scheduled and a long 18 on Saturday, the last true long run before the race. Hoping to lower the pace every 5k. Weather will have a lot to do with it, though–we’re expecting highs back in the 90s all next week. Gotta love the Sunshine State.

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  1. run4change permalink
    October 25, 2009 10:40 am

    37.5 seems like a lot of miles to me. Great job. Isn’t it funny what people think “low milage” is for them. When I have a 40 mile week I am pretty much at my maximum weekly milage. I might creep higher than that SOMETIMES but than I have 20 mile weeks after. Have a good day

  2. the Ringmaster permalink*
    October 26, 2009 8:43 am

    You’re right, Jason–mileage is an individual measure, and I should be careful how I use the term lest I discourage someone else. It’s funny that with your high-mileage race goals, you don’t train at high mileage–maybe that’s how come you don’t get hurt! Thanks for the insight–keep training smart!

  3. run4change permalink
    October 26, 2009 5:42 pm

    I do tend to think that the lower “weekly” milage helps me stay injury free. The main difference is that a lot of the running is in my long runs. Like this week for example. I have a 5 mile run on Wednesday. I will take monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday off. Then I will do 20 saturday and 20 sunday for a 45 mile week but only running three days with lots of rest and repair. The next monday and tuesday will also be off. My biggest week will be 62 with a 7 miler wednesday, 35 saturday, and 20 sunday. This is very rare and I take two easy weeks in the 20 mile range after this. Unfortunately, this will be during the coldest and rainest time of the year. YUCK!

    And thanks for all of your great encouragement. I love your blog and your comments.

  4. October 26, 2009 7:17 pm

    37 is not low-mileage! 🙂 i know the feeling though… i got caught up wanting to hit 60+ when i’d slip back to 40 (or lower) i’d think “ohhh how pathetic”. then i reminded myself how just over a year ago 40 mpw was HUGE to me, and i’d get over my whineyness. 🙂

    you will still have solid training for any distance with this “low” mileage! well, maybe not a 100 mile race… 😉

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