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2009 in Review

January 4, 2010
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Here are my 2009 goals, as stated in a post in early January of ’09.

  1. Finish my first marathon, and do so wisely–resist the urge to go out from the gun at the 9-minute pace the race predictors say I can run the 26.2 at. Run this distance, not race it.
  2. Set a half marathon PR. This will be a tough one since half marathons will not be scheduled until this winter in Florida and I probably will not be able to run one until October at the earliest. I’d love to break 1:45, but that’s a stretch goal.
  3. Set a 10k PR. There’s a great 10k run locally in March but I can’t plan to race this since I plan to really cut back on my training after the marathon, so I’ll wait a few months to race again. The time goal: 48 minutes, maybe?
  4. Set a 5k PR. My PR currently is at 23:38. It’s tough to race a good PR in the summer here because your pace falls off so much during the summer, but I’d like to give a run at shaving a couple of minutes off my time.
  5. Run 1500+ miles. This means keeping a 30 miles per week base. I’d also like to keep a 10-mile long run base. Most of all, do this while avoiding preventable injury and getting enough sleep.

Reading through this list, and realizing how far short of my own expectations I fell this year, I’m reminded that disappointment is part of sports and goal-setting, and that setbacks should encourage us to further improvement and not quitting. In a numbered list, here’s how I did at meeting my goals last year.

  1. Finishing my first marathon: goal met. I finished it in 4:30, not far from my earliest expectations though far from the near-4 hours I’d hoped for in the latter stages of my training for it. I did resist the urge to go out too fast, largely because of the lag in my legs as I neared the start line.
  2. Half-marathon PR: goal met, within the closest of margins. I’m still far from 1:45, having come in at the 2009 13.1 Fort Lauderdale at just under 1:49. But, it’s a PR by one minute, forty seconds, so I’m checking this one off.
  3. 10K PR: goal unmet. I only raced one 10k this year, in September, and due to the heat and a lack of adequate speed-training I came in woefully short of my 48-minute goal and ran it in over 52 minutes instead. My current PR was set on a great course, a race that I missed altogether this year due to travel.
  4. 5k PR: goal unmet. I raced a few 5ks this spring/summer, and though I got faster as the weeks passed, the closest I came to my 23-and-change PR was 24:49, over a minute too slow. Again, my current PR was set on a fast, straight course, and I didn’t run that race this year because I didn’t feel recovered from the 13.1.
  5. Running 1500+ miles: goal met–though my expectations weren’t. By November I was on pace to log closer to 1650, but I had to surrender that dream to tired legs and a week of travel. In the end, my yearly mileage was 1589, still more than last year’s almost-1400, and within my stated goals. But as I sit here nursing a sore knee, I’m not sure I accomplished this without preventable injury.

All in all, it was a somewhat disappointing year in running. Though I felt good running most year, and enjoyed most of my runs, by early November I started feeling tweaky and tired; unfortunately this wheels-falling-off came about just at the beginning of what I think of as “my racing season:” early November through mid-December. The causes may be several, but almost all can be laid squarely at my own feet–though I said I’d cross-train and weight-train better this year, the reality is that I failed to do that, and so my knees continue to bear the impact and weight of every one of my miles. It’s an encouragement to spread the training and racing goal better in the next twelve months.

Having said that, stay tuned for new goals for the new year.

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  1. January 5, 2010 9:16 pm

    hey you can’t beat yourself up for uncontrollables like traveling… 1500 is still a lot of mileage! and you did great at hitting most of your goals. it’s tough to find all the different distances of races that actually fit in with schedules, so don’t get too hung up on not meeting all your pr goals. hunt them down again in 2010!

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