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Six Easy

January 27, 2010

I was back on the road today for an easy run. I’ve been looking forward to testing myself again, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to get out of bed–especially as a new wave of cold air hit South Florida and our temperatures outside were back in the mid-40s.*

But I eventually rolled out of bed, having to stop to find my tights and running hat–no bare legs or head for me in mid-40s–and eventually found myself out on the darkened street a few minutes before 5. I walked a little, then settled into an easy running stride . . .

. . . without pain! I was elated, then set the new goal of not stopping for a walking break as I’ve been forced to do of late. I thought of running about 4 miles . . . then 5. . . and eventually settled on doing one of my regular 6-mile routes.

I’m hoping I didn’t go too far out of the gate. I felt really good throughout the run, even picking the pace up to test myself at around mile 4.6–and the last mile came in at an 8:37 pace. I’m trying not to be concerned with my slow pace the rest of the time, and am happy I didn’t push any harder or farther.

Today, the question becomes whether it would be best to leave it alone for now or to set out again for a very brief run–so I’m going to sit down with my calendar and see what I can come up with as a schedule for my races next month.

And in happy news, I ordered a new pair of shoes yesterday. I’m kind of off the Adrenaline 9s–the MoGo foam seems to mean a short running life, and though they say the 10s are better, I’m not up to paying retail yet to see. Since I don’t want to run in the same model shoe every day, I went back to the Mizuno Wave Inspires, which I ran in while training for the marathon last year. Can’t wait to get them–new shoes always inspire me in a weird way.

Hope all your aches are similarly quiet . . .  Happy running, everyone.

*I know, some of you would literally greet mid-40s temps with a beach day. To my southern heart, it feels like a blast of Arctic air.

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