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14 for Bib # 875

February 14, 2010

That’s right, I got my confirmation e-mail from Gasparilla today: Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be wearing bib #875 for all three races. I’m so excited: two weeks from today, I’ll be back on the start line, waiting for the gun to go off for a brand new event.*

I intended to run 16 miles as my last long run, but Little G thought that might be a little too far, two weeks out from race day.

You know, I decided to run the Bud Light Challenge instead of the marathon to avoid the heavy-duty training and difficult running, but of late I’ve been thinking that racing on two consecutive days will actually be more difficult than just running 26 miles in one shot. But the training has been easier, and the fact that I have no time goal is sure freeing–and I wouldn’t have done that with the marathon.

But, as Little G pointed out, I’d already be in taper if I were running the marathon, and wouldn’t run anything longer than 12 this close to race day. So I’m trying to remember that I will be running, if not a marathon, a strenous event, and to think of myself as being in taper–or something close to it.

So instead of 16 I ran 14 yesterday. Hey, two miles is a lot!

It was cold yesterday in Florida, and I chose to return to the beachfront road, where it was even colder. I also chose to run the bridge twice, where the wind howled and wrapped around my bare legs**. I finished the first 5 miles on and around the bridge, then did four southbound and the rest northbound.

It was an encouraging run. Though I wasn’t fast, I was steady, and got steadily faster as the run went on, intentionally picking up my pace to 8:30 that last mile to remind my legs they can run fast when they’re tired. The most encouraging thing about my quickening pace and constant endurance and energy level was the fact that I ran these 14 miles in some wicked winds, running, at times, with the same form that I had to use at Gasparilla a year ago–head down, arms up, to drive myself into the stinging wind.

So, now, two weeks to go, and I have to tell myself that most of my training is in the bank. I’m encouraged in my own ability to run far and had when I have to, and excited about this brand new experience.

*When I lined up for the marathon last year, I relished the feeling of newness, standing there waiting to set off on a brand new distance. I figured I wouldn’t have that new-distance feeling again until such time as I attempted an ultra. But no, God is good! I’m getting to do it again this year, starting something I’ve never done before. Though I love the feeling of linining up and waiting for the gun, there’s something special about lining up to attempt something you’ve never tried before. Am I the only one that feels this way?

**It was in the 50s, and I figured a long-sleeve shirt and one of my skirts would be perfect–there’s little worse than getting hot adn uncomfortable by mile 6. But it didn’t feel like it was in the 50s–it felt much colder than that. I noticed at mile 8 that I couldn’t feel my legs, and that feeling lasted pretty much until I ordered my hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts, where I parked my car. It wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable, just . . . strange.

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  1. February 14, 2010 9:57 pm

    oh yeah, racing on consecutive days is soo much easier than a marathon. i think you were just suffering from typical runner insanity 🙂 lol.

    hope you had a great v-day weekend!

  2. run4change permalink
    February 15, 2010 10:55 am

    Yes. The rest and repair that your healthy body will do during sleep or rest will make the next day better. Might be stiff a bit at first but give it a little time and you’ll be great. i was just reading of a guy who did like 300+ miles in a 72 hour timed race event. HAHAHAHA. Imagine that. Geesh. That is a lot of running and walking.

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