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New Kind of Migraine

February 14, 2010

The Monkey and I went to lunch with the Boss the other day. While we were there, I picked something up to read and realized I had blind spots in my field of vision–it was very uncomfortable and made it difficult to read.

As time went on, my eyesight got gradually worse–in the end I had no outside peripheral vision in my left eye at all. I drove home slowly, carefully, and in prayer.

When I got home I started getting that oncoming freight-train sensation in my left temple. I took some attack meds, called a friend to pick up the Lamb from school, and went to bed.

I’ve never had visual symptoms with my migraines, though I know they’re not uncommon. I recently stopped taking my controller medication and would hate to have to go on it again–so I’m praying for no more headaches like that one and for God’s grace and wisdom to know what to do next.

At least I still got my run in Saturday!

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