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Running with the Phone

February 16, 2010

No, I don’t talk on the phone while running, though I’ve seen it done.

As I shared in my last post, I ran with  my iPhone for the first time yesterday. I tried running with my cell phone before on the suggestion insistence of the Boss, right around the time I first moved my runs to the predawn darkness when the kids started school. But it was supremely uncomfortable–I didn’t get all the way down the block before I came home to dump it. I remember telling my sweet mate at the time that I thought I was more likely to get mugged for my cell phone than be able to use it in an emergency, anyway.

But yesterday I wanted it for other reasons–for distraction from my pace on a recovery run and, I confess, to experiment–running two races on one day has got me anticipating all kinds of trouble.

I also decided at the last minute to do (yet another) trial run with my Nathan belt. I wore one of Little G’s at the Gasparilla Marathon last year.

Now, this is a story I haven’t told before, maybe out of sheer embarrassment. Unlike some women, who have wonderful, curvaceous, enviable hips, I have a body that’s hard to be jealous of–fairly broad shoulders and absolutely no hips at all. So gravity is no help at all when I wear a belt–in fact, it’s my enemy, as things tend to wander down toward the pavement. In preparation for the marathon, therefore, I wrapped that belt around my hips but good. I knew for a fact it wasn’t going anywhere. And I felt good carrying lots of gels, an extra hair elastic, TP, etc. But at mile 20 or so I realized what that nagging pain was in my upper hip–the belt was unmercifully digging into me! I loosened it and rediscovered the joys of pain-free running . . . mile 20 style. (In other words, I was still exhausted and running on fumes, but the localized pain was gone.)

So realize as I embark on these new experiments with my own belt that my psyche, if not my hip, are scarred by my experience last March 1. I refuse to tighten it too much. Now on most previous attempts this has resulted in tearful frustration as I’ve been unable to find that “sweet spot” where the belt is snug, not tight, and firmly in place around my hips.

But this time, I think I found it. I ran all five miles with the belt on, the pouch itself turned to the back. This belt, pictured above (though I own it in reflective, stop-traffic-pink), perfectly fits my thin iPhone, and tomorrow I might try lugging around some gels too, just to try.

I don’t wear armbands, even with my iPod, because I can’t find armbands small enough for my little dinosaur arms. Everything wraps twice around it and the velcro is rendered useless. I wear my iPod, usually, in my SpiBelt, threading the earphones up through my shirt to avoid the cords.

I saw a runner today who was holding the phone in her hand, but I know myself. I’m a card-carrying Klutz and I’d drop the thing within the first quarter-mile.

You can find the Gel Pack from Nathan on their website.

The SpiBelt can also be found online. I have the original belt in bright green.

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  1. the Ringmaster permalink*
    February 17, 2010 5:08 pm

    Just to amend my own ramblings–the iPhone, it turns out, fits perfectly well in the SpiBelt too, so that’s an option if, like me, you don’t like traditional armbands.

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