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Narrowly Avoiding Injury

March 11, 2010

How I managed this, I’ll never know, but somehow, I managed to avoid hurting myself. I thought I was hurt, because, as I commented earlier, at the end of that 10k race on Saturday my foot was very, very painful. I limped home and got fairly worried as the pain migrated from my arch toward my heel but refused to abate. I iced it that night. The day after, Sunday, I specifically chose an outfit without high heels and determined to wear my most supportive shoes. I iced the foot again that night.

On Monday, I made a call to a new podiatrist whom my mother-in-law’s sister had recommended. They had an opening at 2:30, and I took it.

Like magic, the pain was completely absent while I was in the doctor’s office, and no matter how much she manipulated my foot or how many times I walked around the office, I couldn’t get the pain to appear. She knew it wasn’t plantar fasciitis because instead of being more severe in the morning and then gradually fading away, my pain gets worse the more I use my foot.

She took x-rays to rule out a stress fracture or other injury to the foot but no obvious injury turned up, so she gave me permission to start running–slow and short, almost to see if I could produce the pain. While she suspects I just strained a ligament, it’s also possible that the simple motion of running will re-stress a more serious injury, in which case we’d have to do an MRI. So the prescription was to go for a short, easy run, and evaluate the pain.

She also reminded me that I have duck feet, lacking any kind of arch. She suggested that wearing an orthotic or some other kind of arch support would not only protect my foot from injury, but would in fact also take some of the stress off my knees.

On Tuesday morning I ran a mile, walked a half-mile, and then ran another mile home. Feeling more ambitious, on Wednesday I ran two miles, walked a half-mile, and then ran another single mile home. Today I threw all caution to the wind and ran four miles, really nice and easy. Though sometimes I can feel the foot, it’s quite definitely not painful enough to make me stop.

The plan is to rest tomorrow and then go out Saturday for 4 to 6 miles.

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